"Clemens Wijers is a rare gem in the cinematic landscape. I consider him a "Director's composer", in the sense that you can talk to him about the project as if he were an actor and his music comes to life as an essential character in the film. He simply loves what he does and it shows. A highly creative and professional artist."

− John Michael Wilyat Director of Firefly and the Coffee Machine

"I send Clemens Wijers (Carach Angren) sketches, basically, and he comes back with a whole fuckin’ symphony. I mixed Carach Angren’s last album, so I was turning up the orchestral parts and was like, ‘Wow, where did you record this? Did you go to Prague?’ And Clemens was just like, ‘Nah, I did it at home, I work with movies and stuff.'"

− Peter Tägtgren (Pain/ Lindemann) - acclaimed producer

"Clemens was always professional. When I asked for modifications, though they were rarely needed, he was right on top of it, and knew exactly what I wanted to hear, while still bringing his own flavor to the table. His music is highly original, and is always very fitting to what I want, and what suits the scene."

− Callison Slater, founder of String Studios Productions LLC

"A very nice person to work with! In my productions the music needs to be as meaningful as the images themselves. You have done this very well with your music, my movie got the atmosphere it needed! Thanks Clemens"

− Jan van Ooyen, filmmaker

"The production team of the feature film ‘Herfstpunt’ is very satisfied with the end result. Communication, by phone or by mail, was very pleasant and quick. That certainly helped us to achieve our deadlines. Also dealing with our criticisms (a concept version was initially not quite what we were looking) has been great."

− Coen van Beek, director & Marvin Gierveld, director of photography on ‘Herfstpunt’

"...stunning orchestra arrangements, unmistakably courtesy of Clemens Wijers from CARACH ANGREN."

− www.metal-temple.com on "PAIN - Coming Home"

"De weelderige orkestrale arrangementen van de hand van de Nederlander Clemens Wijers (Carach Angren), die ook al zo’n belangrijke bijdrage leverde aan het Lindemann-project, bepaalt ook sterk de sfeer van het album."

− Aardschok (Robert Haagsma) on "PAIN - Coming Home"