April 2016

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After a very successful US Tour with Carach Angren I immediately started working
on an exciting new project which will soon be revealed!
As announced previously I will do all the orchestra for EX DEO and the time is
there again to continue working on this Roman war machine for an early 2017 release.
Stay tuned for more information!


December 2015

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Hi all,

I have had a very productive time after coming back from tours with
Carach Angren in China, Mexico and Russia.
I have done some mixing and mastering jobs, composed music
for two very funny Christmas oriented commercials and released
one of my instrumental tracks online recently.
You can listen and get it here:

“She Danced to Her Death”

October 2015

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I just came home from a very successful tour in China with Carach Angren
and next week we will tour Mexico! In between I have been working on music
for another commercial plus another exciting new project. Stay tuned!

“Skills in Pills” is out!

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Lindemann’s Skills in Pills is out. Grab your copy via the link below.
The album already reached #1 in the German album charts as well as more high
positions in other countries.
I’m very proud of my contribution to the project: orchestral work on the songs and music composition/ additional vocals for “That’s My Heart”.


Lindemann – Praise Abort (Clemens Wijers Remix)

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Lindemann (Till Lindemann & Peter Tägtgren) released their mindblowing video for the song ‘Praise Abort’ today.
I created a dark classical version for the song which is officially relesaed with the single too today.
You can check it out and purchase it HERE

May 2015 Update

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Great news!

I’m very proud to announce that I have worked on orchestral arrangements for project Lindemann by Till Lindemann (Rammstein) and Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy/ Pain).
For the bonus track I composed music and did additional vocals.
Their album called ‘Skills in Pills’ will be released soon and is going to be a killer! You can read more about this in the latest Dutch magazine ‘Aardschok’.

Thw album will be out by the end of June and by the end of May a single will be released that I remixed as well.


March 2015 Update

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It has been a while since I updated because I have
been busy with a lot of things. First of all the
fourth album of my band Carach Angren is a fact.
We released “This Is No Fairy Tale” last week and
the reception has been overwhelming so far!

I also finished music and sound for the second
episode of The Grim which will feature the
very talented Nikos Mavridis on violin.
I had a lot of fun working together again!

Right now there are new commercials coming in
that need original epic music and sound design.
Will keep you all posted!

December Update

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Have worked on music and sound for some top quality commercials lately!
Also check out the trailer for upcoming movie Blowtorch which features my music
during the first 48 seconds. You can find the link here.

Soon I will start working on music & sound for the next amazing installment of ‘The Grim’ series by Hasani Walker. Besides that I have more work on music for commercials coming up.

Happy Holidays and a creative 2015!