Video: Don’t get distracted!

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In this video I talk about what I think is a very important subject especially when you are just starting out as a musician or artist.

End of the Year

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It has been an incredible year. With Carach Angren we have released our fifth album “Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten” which has received fantastic response from both fans and press worldwide. I have also released my solo album “Worlds”, worked on many different projects, both in and outside the metal scene. These projects will be revealed over the course of 2018 and 2019 so check back regularly. Also a big salute to all of you out there supporting my work. It was a pleasure meeting all of you during the tours we did last year and I can’t wait to start the first tour of 2018 across Europe in January. See you there!

Haunting North America 2017

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Carach Angren will be haunting America this
November together with Children of Bodom!

See you all on the road starting this week!

Solo Album “Worlds” OUT NOW!

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I’m very proud to anounce the release of my solo album. “Worlds” is an epic musical journey. Consisting of hybrid-orchestral, industrial and classical tracks it explores the greatest contrasting colors on my instrumental pallet.
Listen to the album now and order your digital copy or digipack:

Photography and artwork by Negakinu Photography & Design / Erik Negakinu

New Album & New Videoclip with Carach Angren

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I am very proud to present you our new album “Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten”.
To celebrate the haunting release we prepared a brand new Horror video for the song
“Charles Francis Coghlan” as well!

Check it out here:

Order “Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten” here:

Song for the Dead

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I am very proud to present the single “Song for the Dead” from our upcoming album “Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten” which will be released on June 16!
Listen to the track below and pre-order the album via the link included in the video.

Ex Deo

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I had the honour to create the orchestral score for the new album of Roman metallers “Ex Deo”.
Led by Maurizio Iacono, the force has been established name in metal for years.
For me it was an adventure to dive into the Roman history and find the right tone for this project.
I was able to bring the big orchestral narrative in a unique way.
The album is mind-blowingly epic and you definitely need to grab your copy by clicking here:


Limited Edition Cassette

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I just released a very limited cassette featuring all my tracks from 2011 up until now (February 2017).
This pressing is limited to only 50 copies and comes with fantastic artwork by Negakinu Photography & Design, inspired on my latest single.

Order HERE

1. When Haunted Toys Come Alive At Night
2. She Danced To Her Death
3. Arpeggios in A
4. Mechanical Hero
5. Rise and Shine
1. The Great Escape
2. Flight
3. Dim horizon
4. Crowning of the King
5. Her Gift
6. The Rise Of A New Hero
7. An Adventure Begins
8. Cinematic Hero
9. An Epic Fantasy