Clemens Wijers is a Dutch composer and musician. He started playing the keyboard from the tender age of 7, followed by eight years of keyboard and music lessons at his local art school. Throughout his teens he accompanied the local youth choirs on keyboard and piano at rehearsals and many live performances. In secondary school he became more interested in symphonic and metal music, and started to combine those two elements in a band.

In 2002, he spent one year studying at the Tilburg Conservatory to refine his skills while continuing to compose music. After several band incarnations, he formed the symphonic black metal band Carach Angren with his friend and former band mate Seregor and his brother Namtar. He writes a large part of the band’s music, using classical music as both a foundation and an inspiration. After 4 official album releases and over hundreds of shows worldwide, Carach Angren continues to gather widespread acclaim from international media outlets and an ever-increasing number of dedicated fans.

More recently, Clemens extended his work as a composer to other media, such as film. He completed an intensive one-year training in Music for Media Composition, for which he was awarded the ‘Music for Media’ certificate. He also completed a training programme in Cinematic Orchestration, a course taught by the famed orchestrator William Boston. He has already composed scores for several short films, corporate videos and other projects and is constantly on the look-out for new, exciting opportunities.

In 2014 Clemens was invited to work on the orchestral arrangements for the band Lindemann, a brand new collaboration between Till Lindemann (Rammstein) and Peter Tägtgren (Pain/Hypocrisy). In May 2015, Lindemann’s first single “Praise Abort” was released with a special orchestral remix by Clemens. The full debut album “Skills in Pills” was released in June 2015 and includes Clemens’ music and backing vocals on the track “That’s My Heart”.

Throughout 2016 Clemens kept involved in exciting and prestigious projects. He worked on orchestrations for the album “Coming Home” by Peter Tägtgren’s ‘Pain’ and created the orchestral score for the new album “The Immortal Wars” by Roman metallers ‘Ex Deo’.

Carach Angren’s new album “Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten” has been released in June of 2017 and got raving response from both press and fans. In 2017 Clemens also released his first solo album “Worlds” consisting of hybrid-orchestral & industrial metal music. He signed a publishing deal for some of the tracks on this album and they are currently synched to commercials and films worldwide.

In 2019 Clemens composed two new solo EPs. The first one consisting of orchestral and instrumental tracks and the second one solely dedicated to heavier industrial tracks.
On November 22 the band Lindemann released their second album called “F&M”. The album featured a song composed by Clemens called
“Wer weiss das schon”. The song was originally composed for the theater play “Hansel & Gretel”.